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Pandemic 2

Online games provide unlimited entertainment to fans. This is because you can play the games on a twenty-four hour basis throughout the week. Pandemic 2 is a game of wits since it entails making calculated moves before making any scores. Basically, it involves more than one player and you will be needed to spread three main issues that is the bacteria, viruses and parasites around the human habitation. The aim is to wipe out the human race. The game involves tricky scenarios that require close monitoring. You must be able to study the screen and know exactly which areas have got high chances of infection. This means that you must be on the lookout for places with a high population concentration such as schools. Schools are populated with children. Therefore, when you choose

to drop the viruses or the parasites there, the rate of casualty will no doubt be high. As the name entails, online Pandemic 2 game aims at creating havoc and mass destruction. You as the player will achieve this objective by making sure that your targets are inflicted with symptoms of diarrhea, sweating high fever, kidney failure and heart attack. You must release the parasites and bacteria in large numbers to achieve maximum points. Given that this is a game that involve critical thinking, the enemy player must devise a strategy of countering your parasitic attacks. The enemy player who in this game is the sovereign government must come up with policies to protect its people from harm and death. The enemy player will deploy as team of specialists who will seek to mitigate the deadly effect of the parasites and bacteria. Apart from being a thrilling and witty game Pandemic 2, has an attractive interface that displays information in a clear manner. This makes the game enjoyable and fun. It is recommended for persons of ten years and above.

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